• Image of Thrones at HB library '97

This might have been the first time I saw Joe Preston performing as Thrones. I had no idea at the time who Joe Preston was or what the Thrones sounded like. I just remember my friend Joey Morris who played drums in Seesaw from Downey, telling me I should snap some pics of Thrones. I figured Joey new what he was talking about, because when it came to good music he usually did. By the first sludgy bass riff I was hooked, I was blown away that someone could just play loud ass overdriven bass riffs with no live guitar or drum accompaniment and it would be rad and powerful. Wasn't till after this show that I figured the Melvins connection and looked forward to other Thrones shows. Joe Preston kinda reminds me of another bass hero of mine Mike Watt, except on the way heavy metal experimental style of sounds. Not just because both come from legendary bands in their own right but just the full on committed aspect of musicianship when you watch them play. Just really in the moment and it may be rehearsed or totally improvisational, its really hard to tell. Either way its just always interesting and sonic wherever the music decides to take you.

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