• Image of The Sea And Cake at Brick By Brick San Diego, CA

8x10 RC Silver Gelatin Print, all prints are printed by me in the darkroom using Omega enlarger and high quality RC papers. The first time I had heard of the Sea and Cake was through an ex girlfriend who had heard about them through Antioch Arrow and Evergreen bassist Andy Ward. I had just discovered Tortoise and had found out that the drummer John McEntire was also playing in another band with ex Cocktails member Archer Prewitt called The Sea and Cake. There was only a self titled Lp release at the time and I remember really liking how poppy and upbeat it was. I can remember thinking that they would hopefully be playing at Jabberjaw or The Casbah sooner or later. Seemed like it was shortly after I had heard of these guys and I found out they were playing with a 4AD band called Tarnation. The show was at some club called Luna Park in Los Angeles and there wasn't that many people amazingly. So my first live encounter with The Sea and Cake was at a weird jazz restaurant/club with probably like 10 other people watching. I only snapped 2 frames for that show because I think I had to use a point & shoot that I snuck into the show. On the next round they came out to California with Tortoise and getting to see Tortoise with The Sea and Cake on the same stage on the same night was pretty special. By the time this show happened at Brick by Brick in SD. The audience had grown significantly and most everyone that I knew that went to these shows was pretty excited to see both bands play. Also this pic is a little deceiving because it looks as if The Sea and Cake rocked out like a hardcore band. This shot is actually during the song Escort from the album The Biz. There were a couple of moments in the song where Archer Prewitt would dip down and I just happened to time it on the following chord or riff. I always dug this shot because I felt that it just captured The Sea and Cake in a moment that they rarely showed. If you didn't know who the band was I would guess that it may be some heavy fast hardcore band. But no, just The Sea and Cake in a moment during one of their more rocking pop songs.

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