• Image of The PeeChees at HB library '97

Around the early 90's there was a really cool movement for girls and young women called Riot Grrrl. At the time most punk shows were made up of predominantly male bands. And so was the majority make up of audience members. One of the first generation wave of these bands was Bratmobile. When Bratmobile went on hiatus/broke up drummer Molly Neuman relocated to the bay area and worked for Lookout! Records. My friends and I had heard that there was a new Bay Area band that had the drummer of Bratmobile and that band as we soon discovered was The PeeChees. The other members of the band consisted of members of Rice, The Pattern, & The Frumpies. By the time the Cup of Glory 7" came out I new this was a band I'd have to check out live. Throwing out tons of attitude and high energy and add a dash of snottiness. The PeeChees shows were fun to take in. Guitarist Carlos Canedo would be going apeshit crazy while Rop and Molly Held down the rhythm. Singer Christopher Appelgren threw out all the punk stage antics a punk band singer could. All the while keeping it tight and loud. The PeeChees were always fun to take pics of, they made playing in a band look so cool and it seemed like I never got disappointing frames when my film was processed. This shot is from HB library and I can vaguely remember shooting this frame and seeing how their body language was as the flash went off. I remember thinking "oh that'll be a good one".

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