• Image of Pavement at Spaceland LA '98 or '99

8x10 RC Silver Gelatin Print, all prints are printed by me in the darkroom using Omega enlarger and high quality RC papers. Not sure what I can say about Pavement, but if there ever was a definition for indie rock in the dictionary, they should put a pic of Pavement on it. Most everyone that I went to shows with during the 90's have a special memory for the music of Pavement. Highly influential and ahead of their time by leaps but still somehow able to gain a level of mainstream success, Pavement was a musical anomaly. Having a great discography of 5 consistently great albums, Pavement was definitely one of the bands in the 90's you looked forward to hearing new albums from or seeing live. This pic was taken at Spaceland in LA, now called The Satellite. The show wasn't heavily promoted because all it would take was word of mouth of Pavement playing a small club and it was guaranteed to sell out. Luckily got my ticket from a friend who somehow got lucky and scored 2. If I can remember clearly some of the members were pretty wasted by the time they hit the stage. Seemingly to get more wasted as the set went along. I remember being surprised that they could play their songs so well while being inebriated. This is a pick of Stephen Malkmus rocking out and almost tipping over. Saw this band a few times during their timespan but the other stages were much bigger and I didn't have a photo pass. This was pretty awesome for me to see these guys in a small setting. It was loud somewhat sloppy but still great!

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