• Image of Make-Up live at Soul Kitchen in San Diego

8x10 RC Silver Gelatin Print, all prints are printed by me in the darkroom using Omega enlarger and high quality RC papers. Having been a Nation Of Ulysses fan in the early 90's but just finding out about them pretty much about the month they broke up. I remember hoping to hear any news of a new band featuring Ian Svenonius. About a year later the Cupid Car Club came out and played California. Me and some friends tried to see them in Pomona only to arrive to a cancelled show. Had to work the night they played Jabberjaw but was able to see them in San Diego in some room that was no bigger than a medium sized bedroom. It was awesome, and after finding this great band I was only to hear the news that they broke up shortly after that tour. Well me and my friends were eager to hear what the next band was and that was Make-Up. We had heard about them through the grapevine while at Yo Yo A Go Go in Olympia. And of course the description was rather weirdly negative, not as good as the previous, a funk band, James Brown and Prince??? Well about a year after that Make-Up finally was out in CA touring. I didn't care much for what the critics said, because it didn't matter to me. I was a fan of Ians music writing, sense of humor and smarts. Pretty much anything he did I was curious to check out. And of course what I had heard about them was wrong, the Make-Up pretty much ruled live. Not quite as heavy and sonic as the first bands but just as punk. Make-Up shows were so much fun because of how unpredictable Ian's stage presence was. Was he going to scream at you right in your face, dance around you, jump off of a speaker cab. Not sure you'd just have to watch and find out. This made for rather great pics and this one of them mid scream/yelp is very signature to the way I remember a Make-Up show.

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