• Image of Lightning Bolt at The Smell Los Angeles 2002

8x10 RC Silver Gelatin Print, all prints are printed by me in the darkroom using Omega enlarger and high quality RC papers. Around the early 2000's the underground music scene was starting to go through a metamorphosis so to speak. I personally wasn't that participative because most of the bands I was into either had broken up and or moved on to bigger stages. I was shooting a bit more for magazines and not going to a whole lot of shows besides larger festival shows. In other words I was kinda over it or at least thats how I felt. It wasn't until a friend of mine told me about bands coming out of Rhode Island and just happened to play me Lightning Bolt's Ride The Skies album. That album definitely got my attention and inspired me to start bringing my camera to shows again. When I found out about this show it felt like one of those shows you really look forward to checking out. I'd been listening to their albums and could recognize the songs, and when you haven't seen a band that you've been listening to for a while. It makes it kinda extra rad when they hit your town and play a show.

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