• Image of KARP at HB library '96

I remember first hearing KARP on a demo tape that my friend bought at Jabberjaw around '93. I had just been kicked out/quit playing bass in the band 16 and was kinda not in the mood to listen to anything resembling anything in the heavy categories of sound. It wasn't until I saw them live at Yo Yo A Go Go in Olympia '94 did my eyes and ears get opened up to just how rad this band was. By the time Suplex came out I was a complete fan. Its weird you can't really classify KARP, its not fair to just call them a metal band nor just a post punk band. They just sound like KARP music. I mean its heavy, its sonic, powerful, and you just want to yell and scream along with Jared Warren and Chris Smiths vocals. The drumming of Scott Jernigan is just a pummeling and powerful accompaniment to the riffs these guys threw out. By the way I believe their Self Titled LP is probably one of the best records released in the 90's, its so up there along with Nirvana, Fugazi, Shellac and all the other greats. I never really got a chance to chat with any of these guys back in the day. Wish I would've because I love their music. I know there was some craziness in the bands lifespan thats covered in the recent documentary about them and I had friends that seemed to be buds with the guys. Its just nice knowing that Jared Warren is still making great music and songs in Big Business and Melvins. I've always loved this pic of KARP and although Jared and Scott are just a hair shy of being in focus, I just like how Jared is still screaming but not into the mic. And the wall of kids leaning against the back wall behind Scott, half cropped off. All of us just watching, listening and having our minds blown.

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