• Image of Hot Snakes at Alex's Bar Long Beach CA 2012

8x10 RC Silver Gelatin Print, all prints are printed by me in the darkroom using Omega enlarger and high quality RC papers. Okay so I guess you can tell I'm a John Reis and Rick Froberg fan by the fact that I've got pics of 2 of their more popular bands on here. I wanted to include some recent pics as well so why not a recent shot of the Hot Snakes! These guys have quite the history together. And I'm pretty much a fan of all the bands they've done. Think its pretty fair to say how unfair it is how many cool bands these guys have done. Most people are lucky if they happen to be in one cool band let alone like 2,3 or try 4 and more. I think the key factor is that each new band still consists of members of the former so its kinda still kept all in the family of musicians that have worked well together in the past. Here they are in their 3rd band together formed after Drive Like Jehu. Although this pic is of one of their reunion shows in 2012. I know people of my generation and previous music generations have some issues with band reunions. But I don't care about the politics of it, in the end I just want to hear music performed live by as close to possible as many original members of said band. Some of us didn't get the chance to see it the first time around and hearing a cover version of a great songs whether its rock, punk or whatever most of the time feels just like your not getting the real deal. Don't get me wrong, there are great cover versions of songs its just usually done by great bands who happen to put there own twist on it. So here's a pic at Alex's bar in Long Beach with John and Rick sweating it out playing their songs to the fullest and thats all that really matters. And if there is ever a Jehu reunion you can bet I will be in the front row with my camera in hand like it was '94 again.

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