• Image of Guitar Wolf at Bottom Of The Hill San Francisco, CA

8x10 RC Silver Gelatin Print, all prints are printed by me in the darkroom using Omega enlarger and high quality RC papers. I can't recall the exact year but this pic is either in '98 or '99 at Bottom of the Hill in SF. While on my trip up north my friends told me I had to check out Guitar Wolf, I hadn't heard GW's music so I had no idea what I was in for. All I knew was that they were from Japan, so I could only guess from what I'd heard and that it was going to be somewhat entertaining. And judging by the name I figured it had to be somewhat rad. By the way I still think these guys have one of the best band names ever. I've always been a fan of the Japanese aesthetic to rock n roll, punk and any genre of music. Bands coming from Japan always seem to have an interesting interpretation of their perception of westernized music and totally celebrate it to the fullest. It always seems to come from a real genuine place and because they probably don't get to play in the US that often. When they do come out here to play they mean to play. I have to say this band gave it there all during their set. Highly entertaining, awesome guitar riffs and straight up rocking guitar antics on stage. It wasn't too hard to get a good pic of Seiji/Guitar Wolf. And I love that Billy aka Bass Wolf is in this pic as well. I can just remember while Guitar Wolf is going bonkers on guitar, Bass Wolf is just hanging cool in the background stone cold cool, pausing moments during songs to comb his pompadour or take a swig of beer. If ever there was some award for rock band stage presence, these guys should be up there with the winners.

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