• Image of Girls Against Boys at the Casbah in San Diego

The first time I heard GVSB was around '92 the time Tropic of Scorpio came out. My buddy Marshall with which I was playing in bands with had turned me onto Soulside. At the time I remember listening to Souldside's Soon-Come-Happy CD a lot. Got pretty into the band only to find out that they had broken up. Super bummed on this until Marshall played me the new CD from a new band called Girls Against Boys and the album was Tropic of Scorpio on the Adult Swim label. This band was pretty much 2/3's of Soulside with Eli Janney on Bass/Keyboards/Backing Vocals. Apparently Brendan Canty of Fugazi also played drums on an early incarnation of the band, but not sure if that was ever documented on recording. If you listen to the Soulside album and the later release you can definitely hear a progression which would lead into their next record Venus Luxure No.1 Baby on the Touch and Go label. This is probably where GVSB went from being a band I liked a lot to one of my favorite bands of this era. Not only was the LP super killer from start to finish but equally sonic and great live. I remember trying to see them as much as possible during these years, trying to catch as many shows as I could. Even trying to catch their LA to SD shows back to back. The first time I saw them was with Jesus Lizard and Brainiac at Long Beach's Bogart's club. The club was 21 over and I remember using my friend Ben Matsunaga's old ID. We looked nothing alike but I got into some great shows with that ID. Luckily they didn't catch onto the fake ID until about a month away from my 21st BDay. 100 Watt Halo a band I was in with my bud Marshall even got to open for GVSB and Brainiac at The Casbah. Scott McCloud was super cool, even complimenting us on our set. For me to be a fan of their band and have one of the lead members of that band compliment your own band is such a huge moment. You never forget it and quite honestly it makes you like that band even that much more.

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