• Image of Evergreen at Jabberjaw LA '95

I'm not sure if Evergreen is one of the first bands to be labeled as emo but it sounds about right for the time period. Just a quick history on emo, when I first heard that terminology it mostly came from hardcore show goers. Not sure if they disliked the newer bands on the scene or if it was just a way to separate their classifications to what most at the time considered to be hardcore. All I do know was that it seemed pretty much a dis to the bands. Because I know quite a few people that were in these bands and I know they didn't care much for that label. It always seemed kinda funny to me that generations later the label was pretty much embraced with flying colors with scenes of bands more than welcome to call their bands emo. I never considered bands like Evergreen as emo, I just always saw them as kids trying to do something different with the music they were creating. I guess because the bands were playing mostly the all age punk shows that at the time was pretty dominated by the hardcore scene. These bands were straying from the standard sound that defined the scene. Probably only natural that when people have such standard definitions of something they tend to not embrace anyone willing to take the risk to be different. I can remember hearing about the infamous Fugazi Reseda country club show in which Calvin Johnson received some scarification from Lame O show goers hucking an ashtray at him and also was spit on. If you've ever seen Beat Happening or any Calvin project it was no wonder that a close minded audience might take aggression. I think thats when you realize that a specific scene might be seeing its last days and a newer scene is on the rise to redefine that scene. Punk has always been about freedom of expression, there are no specifically defined sounds that one must assimilate too. Once any scene starts to go in that direction, it always seems to be the end of an era for that sound. Evergreen were definitely one of the few that sounded the way they did. They did fit in and were embraced by the younger generation attending the shows. The kids that loved them have fond memories of them and I can't remember how many times I've heard how their rare out of press 12" is sought after. Going for a premium vinyl price on eBay. I always dug this photo, because it reminds me of the way Evergreens music sounded. Andy Ward and his bass are big in the foreground in which I remember the bass being kinda up front in their sound. Aaron Calvert is layered in the background and although he's the lead singer he's more an equal to whats going on with bass and drums. Jason Boesel at work on the drums intricate beats and time signatures. A mellow but loud sound and just in the moment.

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Sorry not much online information about these guys, not to be confused with the Slints Brit Walford Evergreen, nor Evergrean from San Francisco.