• Image of Drive Like Jehu, Cal State Fullerton Pub '94

8x10 RC Silver Gelatin Print, all prints are printed by me in the darkroom using Omega enlarger and high quality RC papers. This was probably one of the first shows I remember shooting B&W film. Tried color on a few shows before, but opted for B&W because I was starting some darkroom classes and wanted images to print. Was still figuring out how to use an on camera flash also. Had no idea what the dials and numbers meant on the back of the flash. This image is mostly showing drummer Mark Trombino with a hint of John Reis in the background, Bass player Mike Kennedy getting blasted by the majority of my flash and zero trace of Rick Froberg. I just like the image because in the shadow's of Mark's face it looks as if he's screaming or just in the middle of the moment of the complex rhythms and beats that made up a Jehu song. This band is super important to me and I wish I had more photo ops with them. I was a bit late to the scene in '92 having just discovered all of this new music. By that time a lot of the greats had either broken up or moved on to the bigger stage venues. I wanted to experience live music in small places and bands that created sounds that didn't sound like all the other bands out there. I always wondered what it must have been like to see Bad Brains, Misfits, Minor Threat and many more in the small clubs when they were just getting started. Most of the bands that I shot in the 90's were bands that made me feel like I found out what that felt like and Drive Like Jehu was definitely one of them.

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Drive Like Jehu

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